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 Group Information

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PostSubject: Group Information   Thu Mar 10, 2016 3:32 pm

Pucchi Musume '16
Covers: Morning Musume '16
Official Colour: Red
Member Count: Flucutates, currently at 12
Name Origin: Pucchi from the Group name, Musume from Morning Musume, '16 for the current year.

Covers: C-ute
Official Colour: Hot Pink
Member Count: 5
Name Origin: The French for Small 'Petit'.

Official Colour: Lilac
Member Count: 9
Name Origin: Cherokee for "Eternal Blossom"or "Flowering Forever"(Chosen by my Dad)

Covers: Juice=Juice
Official Colour: Light Green
Member Count: 5
Name Origin: The Italian for Juice is Succo.

Chiisai Girls
Covers: Country Girls
Official Colour: Orange
Member Count: 7
Name Origin: Japanese for Small is Chiisai.

Piccolo Factory
Covers: Kobushi Factory
Official Colour: Light Blue
Member Count: 8
Name Origin: Piccolo is Italian for Small.

Fiore Factory
Covers: Tsubaki Factory
Official Colour: Peach Pink
Member Count: 6
Name Origin: Fiore is Italian for Flower.

Covers: BUONO!
Official Colour: Silver
Member Count: 3
Name Origin: Apache word for "Beautiful" (Chosen by my Dad)

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Group Information
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